Dr Paul Hunneyball

Current Research

Senior Research Fellow Lords 1603-1660

Published Volumes

Senior Research Fellow Commons 1604-1629

History of Parliament Research

During the Commons 1604-29 project (published in 2010) I focused mainly on Cornwall, Devon, Northumberland and Warwickshire, my 173 original articles including biographies of Sir Edward Conway, Sir John Eliot, Inigo Jones, William Noye and John Selden.  At present I am primarily researching peers and bishops with West Country connections.

Research and Publications

There are two main strands to my personal research. The first is seventeenth-century English social and cultural history, particularly aesthetic perceptions, and the transmission of architectural fashions. Here my current preoccupation is the building projects of Oliver Cromwell’s circle. The second strand concerns early modern English parliamentary politics, particularly electoral strategies and Parliament’s interaction with the Crown. My publications on these topics include: 

- ‘The Development of Parliamentary Privilege, 1604-29’ in Rethinking Parliamentary Management in Early Modern England ed. C.R. Kyle (forthcoming),

- ‘The House of Commons, 1603-29’ in A Short History of Parliament ed. C. Jones (Boydell, 2009),

- ‘Cromwellian Style: the Architectural Trappings of the Protectorate Regime’ in The Cromwellian Protectorate, ed. P. Little (Boydell, 2007),

- Architecture and Image-Building in Seventeenth-Century Hertfordshire (OUP, 2004),

- ‘Prince Charles’s Council as Electoral Agent, 1620-24’, Parliamentary History, 23 (2004),

- ‘A Reconstruction of the Layout of the Palace of Westminster c.1640’ in Parliament at Work, 1510-1670, ed. J. Peacey and C.R. Kyle (Boydell, 2002).